We help women master and monetize their stories so they can help more people and make more money.


Deep down, you know it too.

The problem is—you don't think of yourself as an author.

The opportunity to share your story found you; you didn't seek it! And yet, you know your story can help others, because you know reading another's story would have helped you when you were deep in the weeds of your messy journey.

Women are often unsure about sharing their story because they worry about these common stressors:

You have so many stories swirling around in your head and you're not sure which one to use

You think you need to know how to be a great writer

You're not sure how to share your story so that it makes a big impact with the reader

But guess what?

Your job is simply to say "Yes!"

Our job is to help you with the rest.

Signature Story Brand Checklist

Signature Story Made Easy Guide

This experience has taken my business so high to the point that now I'm helping other women in business show up.

All because of being in an anthology book with Christie, I am now speaking on stages, I have my own TV channel, and I'm helping other people have their own shows too. All that wouldn't have been if it wasn't for me starting off with Christie, and showing that I had the confidence to come out and have a voice that I didn't feel like I had.

Barbara J. Beckley.

Let's work together.

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